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  Board of Director  
  We, at RIPL have converged on this fundamental value of Growth ‘By the Mankind’, ‘for the Mankind’. In this process we applied engineered solutions to derive higher value yields to the end customer – which evidently is the Mankind.

Keeping faith in our defined values, we have grown in business size in 3D. Be it in terms of Customers’ confidence level, Employees’ skill levels, Business associates and financers’ faith, Directors’ vision or Range of Products and Volumes.

It is our association with Vertical and Horizontal Transportation equipment giants that we have enjoyed the experience of Speed & Heights. It’s the HVAC group’s association that we experienced what a good climate means. It is the Power transmission and distribution companies who envisioned us for contribution towards elimination of dark zones world over. The Medical Equipment OEMs have indirectly transferred our touch and care to the humanity in general.

The board of RIPL is grateful to all known and unknown contributors towards its success. It shall remain committed to a dynamic rationalization of its performance to suit upgraded human needs.
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