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  Twin Car Parking System  
The Need
The onset of Smart City concept is making the solution providers think of optimising available resources, more than ever before. The 'Top in the List of the Resources' in the cities is 'The Land'. The City planners, Housing societies are seeing a big scope in creating more open land by stacking the cars vertically.

Revti's Perspective and Solution.
The functional value of the Cars is minimal after its destination is reached. In some societies, the pride possession becomes a liability by the end of the day. Current parking options make the owner park the cars on the Municipal roads, sometimes far away from their Home/Offices. This exposes the cars to extremely risky situations. Also, such parking could go against the upcoming rules of the local Governments. The frictions between society members over car parking is also a regular phenomenon observed now-a days.

Revti, with its immense manufacturing experience of new age Elevator, Metro, Mono rail components and assemblies, has come out with an apt solution. A Twin Park package with effective operations and inbuilt safety measures makes it more reliable and desirable. This will give back your Car its own home to rest after its hard duty cycle.

The Specifications and the Salient features have been mentioned below.

General Features:
  • Hydraulic Operated Stacks backed up by Electro-Mechanical Safety Locks.
  • Stacks designed to withstand Creep Load up-to 2.5 Tons with required factor of safety.
Salient Features:
  • Water Resistant Compact Control panel design
  • Configuration of push button switches in a PRESS TO ON & RELEASE TO OFF protocol and an emergency stop button.
  • Built in Surge Suppressor for incoming surge protection.
  • Up-direction Limit Switches for setting and sensing the end of operation.
  • Usage of Earthquake resistant Foundation Bolts.
Optional Features:
  • Motion Sensor to detect moving objects below the platform while descending.
  • Buzzer for audible indications of platform movement.
  • LED lights for ramp lighting & operation indication.
  • 4.5 Ah battery back-up in case of power failure for one time use per session.
Hot-Selling Models:

Model "CARNEST" type Width 'W' Of Platform (M) Length 'L' Of Platform (M) Vehicle Rise 'H' (M) Lifting Capacity Vehicle(Lower +Upper)
A-1 2.2 4.21 1.75 2.5 MT HB + RS
D-2 2.4 4.5 2.05 2.5 MT LS + SUV

  1. For further details regarding different Models, kindly contact us on the nos. given below.
  2. Pictures, Dimensions shown is just for reference, may be modified in future for upgrades in design.
  1. HB – Stands for Hatchback like Volkswagen Polo etc.
  2. RS – Stands for Regular Sedans like Vento, Cruze, City , Octavia etc
  3. LS – Stands for Long Sedan like BMW 7 Series, Mercedes CLS Class etc.
  4. SUV – Stands for Cars like Fortuner, Scorpio, Pajero
Requirements from Clients:
  • Parking area as per Layout drawings must be clear without any obstacles.
  • During System erection, client must provide proper storage facilities for keeping Tools and other valuable parts of the system.
  • Allotted Stack Park Floor Area must be a Concrete with a Minimum Strength of M25 Grade, with 200 mm thickness.
  • For Outdoor installations, sufficient weather protection shades to be provided by the client.
Quality Confirmation:
  • All the components are backed up with critical Creep and Fatigue tests from the recognised laboratories.

Product Gallery

  Stack Car Parking System   Stack Car Parking System    
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